Drawing (9).pngHelp lower the amount of Food Waste with us!

We are here to decrease food waste in the world. Helping people understand what expiration dates really mean is our mission. We will show you how to preserve your food, and what to do with it when it “expires”. Our site will soon have you thinking, “Did that really expire?” Soon, you will always be checking our app before you throw away your expired food! Help lower the amount of food waste in the world with us! Now, you may be asking how and when to use this site.You can use the site right before you are about to throw away food, or when you purchase it. You can find any of the foods that you usually buy at the grocery store on the site. To find these foods, simply click on the link that has the name of your food; Dairy, Poultry, etc. You can search in the search bar to help you find the specific foods you are looking for. We include recipes for what to do with expired food for you to make and share with your family. Come on, get inspired when expired with us!

Stay Fresh,

The FoodWasteAced Team


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