Preserving 101: The 411 on Being a Food Waste Expert

As many of you may know, preserving food sure isn’t easy, but when it comes to wasting it, its like a piece of cake (no pun intended). Today, we will share with you all of our original insider tips on preserving food in your household.

Reducing Food Waste 101_0.jpg

Tip #1- Log your Data:

This may seem like a daunting task, but in order to waste less food in our households, we logged how much food we wasted every day for one week. We used all of the tips on our site and when using the tips, we wasted over 19 pounds of food waste versus in a household not using the tips. For  all of our tips, go to one of sections titled “Dairy, grains, etc.” for specifics on how to preserve certain types of foods.

Tip #2- Share with Friends:

Whenever you have people over, be sure to put out a certain amount of food that you know that people will for sure it. This may come across as frugal, but if you run out of food, just bring some more out. Studies show that when large amounts of food are put in front of people, they take at least three times more than what they will really eat. It is true- we eat with our eyes! When you are having a meal at a restaurant, be sure to take whatever you have left over home. This ensures that no food is wasted. Restaurants are where food is wasted most in the world, so do your part both in and out of the house!

Tip #3- Go Homemade:

Making homemade food may be difficult, but it sure pays off. Not only do you know exactly what is going in your food, but you can practice your cooking skills at home. Your cooking can be simple or elegant- from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to fancy recipes like surf and turf, you can make anything imaginable right in your own kitchen. Several studies show that when you are cooking for others, less food is going to be wasted because of you and your sharing with other people. For delicious recipes that can be executed with slightly expired foods, check out our recipes section on the top menu bar.

Tip #4- Check The Expiration Date:

This is a pretty simple tip, but tons of people don’t live by it. If your cheese is a bit moldy, then you can simply cut of the part with mold and use it for the next few days. If crackers seem a bit hard or stale, then check the box! They are most likely not expired yet, so maximize their use!

Tip #5- Stock Up:

When at the grocery store, the selection of foods can be quite overwhelming. However, it is recommended to buy lots of mainstream ingredients at the store at a time. If you would like, you can also buy in bulk! If you go to the grocery store many times a week, then you should try to go less, but stock up whenever you do go.

Last but certainly not least, do not be afraid to try out these tips. Some of them may seem tough, but just think of it as saving the planet (which you really are!). For extra tips, be sure to check out the menu bar or contact us with any questions.

Thanks for visiting FoodWasteAced! We hope we helped you in our journey of preserving food, from our table to yours. For more articles like these, be sure to follow our blog!

Stay Fresh,

The FoodWasteAced Team


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