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5 thoughts on “Cheese

    • foodwasteaced02 says:

      Hey theplaceforrecipes,
      Thanks for all of the amazing questions! Glad you liked the dressing. To find the recipe, simply go to the menu bar at the top , and click on the “recipes” page, and it’ll lead you to a bunch of recipes. Scroll down until you find the amazing blue cheese dressing recipe, courtesy of Food Network!
      -The FoodWasteAced Team

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  1. dogsarelife says:

    Hey FoodWasteAced,
    I love your site and I love blue cheese dressing as well! I know that there are some recipes (including one for blue cheese dressing) in the recipes section, but the only problem is that I’m vegan! Can I make blue cheese dressing using milk, sour cream, cheese, and mayonnaise? Can I use things like soy milk, vegan cream, vegan blue cheese, and vegan mayo instead of those in the recipe? Thanks!
    dogsarelife 🐶 ♥️

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    • foodwasteaced02 says:

      Thanks for the question @dogsarelife! We have lots of vegan users who ask the same thing about our recipes, and the answer for all of them is YES! You can use a vegan substitute of any ingredient in any of our recipes if you are vegan or are making food for a vegan.
      – The FoodWasteAced Team

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