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Welcome to FoodWasteAced!

Over ninety percent of people worldwide have thrown away food based on the misconception of expiration dates. We have created a site that will help households all over the world cut down on the amount of food they waste. Our website provides the reader with endless information on food items, their shelf life, and the alternative ways to use the food before throwing it out. We created a blog so that we could make it interactive, motivate people to make a change, and share their accomplishments with others. We conducted a test to see if our site could be used within the household to utilize food to its maximum. We hypothesized that the site would reduce the amount of food families throw away. Our data supported our hypothesis. Our site saved about 20 pounds of food in one week! We truly believe that our blog can change the world and decrease the amount of food that is wasted. Our mission is to waste less food, from our table to yours.

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